Services For Home and Business

Furnishing a home or business can require a variety of services, from transit, to install, to clean-up, and everywhere in between. Classic helps homeowners, designers, retailers and manufacturers by offering a diverse array of services.

Classic Design Services will receive and consolidate your freight for you. Our receiving docks can accommodate any size truck or container, and there is a street level dock for cars and light trucks. We accept freight whether it is prepaid, third-party billing, or even freight collect. We thoroughly inspect each item when received and note any damage or quantity discrepancies clearly on the bill of lading. Original packing and crating is saved for reuse when practical. Activity on the docks and in the warehouse is recorded wth CCTV to ensure an accurate record of all inventory entering and leaving the premises.

After inspection, each item is entered into our inventory management system, and barcodes are applied to each piece for tracking purposes. Items are blanket wrapped, slipcovered, packed, or crated for protection as necessary. Inventory is then moved into the appropriate storage area where it is stored on racks, vaulted, placed in a private room or climate controlled storage. After the warehouse crew stows the inventory, the location is updated in the inventory system. All clients are notified when goods are received, and copies of our receiving reports and all shipping documentation are provided. Receiving fees can be billed, or held until the inventory is removed from the warehouse, then added to the delivery order.

Our receiving hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 4:00pm. Our warehouse is centrally located in the Buckhead/Midtown area of Atlanta, with convenient access to Interstate 85.

Classic Design Services offers our clients a full range of storage solutions, both short and long term in our 140,000 square foot warehouse. For short term, flexible term storage of personal items and client product, our rack storage in the general warehouse is recommeded. For moderate to long term storage of household items, temperature-controlled vaults or private rooms provide the best value.

Private rooms are best suited for customers needing accessibility of their goods, either for client approvals of purchases, or long term projects where the goods will be consolidated, delivered and installed over an extended period of time. For art and sensitive antiquities, climate controlled storage is the optimal solution.

We provide a secure storage facility, with 24-hour exterior and interior video surveillance, motion detectors, controlled, monitored access, sprinklers, and fire trouble monitoring. Additionally, we utilize an inventory management system with barcode tracking for all freight that enters the warehouse.

Classic Design Services maintains a private fleet of clean, air-ride trucks. Our courteous, professional crews provide both local and nationwide blanket wrap pickup and delivery.

Locally, next day service is often available with same day service available if dispatch is alerted early in the day. Nationwide delivery is carefully scheduled to work with the best times available for both the pickup and delivery locations. Since our nationwide service is meticulously planned, regular customers along our routes are notified so that they may take advantage of a truck's proximity.

Our crews are fully trained in the handling of many different types of freight and home furnishings. We strive to hire only the most competent, skilled drivers and loaders. Experience matters to us, so we work to retain our best employees.

We hire only drug free, safe drivers to command our fleet. We employ extensive background checks of all employees to ensure that your possessions and your privacy are safe.

Specializing in the handling and moving of antiques, art and fine furnishings, Classic Design Services caters primarily to interior designers, antique dealers, specialty shops, and the owners of fine homes. For our design clientele, our goal is to be a value adding part of your customer service team.

Our employees attend to every detail, whether delivering one piece of furniture or installing an entire home of fine furnishings, antiques, and collectible art. Our skilled, experienced installers and art handlers take great care and effort to complete each job according to your specification.

Our installers welcome the challenge of creating customized installation solutions for our clients, and they are equipped for a variety of demanding installation tasks.

We offer a full range of installation services, including:

  • laying of rugs
  • placement of furniture
  • setup, assembly and disassembly of furnishings and accessories
  • hanging of mirrors
  • white glove handling and installation of fine art and antiques

Classic offers a full range of packing and crating services designed to provide maximum protection for your valued items. Skilled builders and packers work with the sales team and drivers to determine the best crating and packing solution to satisfy the specific needs of each client.

Our experienced crews will pack the goods you are entrusting to us quickly and efficiently, using high quality packaging materials. Boxes packed by Classic will be clearly labeled according to your delivery or storage needs. Our crews will do the packing for you, or we can provide you with the appropriate packing materials needed for you to secure your items.

Our crating shop fabricates custom crates designed to precisely fit the size and weight of your goods, providing the highest possible level of protection. Crates may be as simple as a plywood and lumber shell for one time use, or reusable boxes with tamper resistant seals, precise cut foam interiors, and smooth painted finishes for a professional appearance.

All of our crates are designed for structural integrity, using sustainable harvest wood, that is heat treated to mitigate the spread of insects and fungi. We use a range of interior padding materials including corrugated paper, foams and plastics. As part of our green initiative at Classic, we strive to make the best environmentally friendly choice possible when selecting crating and packing products. Reuse, reduce and recyle is an important aspect of our fabrication process.

Classic is dedicated to providing the safest possible handling for your goods while in our care. For your peace of mind, we offer a valuation program to protect you in the unlikely event of loss or damage to your goods. Valuation protects you by ensuring your items can be repaired or replaced. For your convenience, we offer two types of valuation for transit and storage shipments.

Our basic valuation of $1.20 per pound per item is included in our rates. It is adequate for a variety of items and may meet your needs without additional expense. Artwork, antiques and fine furnishings may require additional coverage to ensure repair or replacement. We offer full valuation at a nominal fee based on the actual value of the item. Full valuation eliminates any concerns about adequate coverage and ensures prompt and complete resolution of any loss you may experience. Selecting the correct valuation for your shipment is important because it establishes the limit of our liability for loss or damage to your goods. A declared value of less than 90% of actual value will result in pro-ration of any settlement.

Valuation covers loss or damage to your goods caused by Classic while in our care and control. Some goods and conditions are excluded from valuation coverage, such as: unknown or concealed goods (sealed containers), inherent vice (previous damage), and changes in atmospheric moisture (cracks in wood furniture). Valuation does not cover loss by third parties, acts of nature, terrorism, war and other causes outside the control of Classic.

As part of our dedication to customer satisfaction, we make every effort to ensure that client losses and inconvenience are minimized. However, valuation does not obligate Classic to pay for replacement of an item when damage is restorable. We reserve the right to repair, replace or offer settlement at our discretion. Valuation covers only the decorative value of your goods. Valuation does not cover loss of value, loss of profit or inconvenience.

Additional information about valuation is provided in our terms of service, located on back of our bill of lading. If you have any questions about valuation please contact your client services representative.

It requires many other smaller, yet overlooked services to properly deal with the furnishing of a home, or the completion of a project. Classic offers many of these necessary actions to its clients. The following list is just a sample and includes:

  • Returning unneeded furnishings, accessories, and art to vendors or storage

    When the time comes for installation after months of acquisition, it can be hard to know what really fits the space, what really works together. Household move clients may find that what worked in the old home, no longer fits in the new home. After a long renovation, the old furnishings may seem out of place. Our crews understand that, so they help you with staging, retrieving and returning superfluous goods.

  • Cleaning and protection of upholstery, oriental carpets, draperies and other fine fabrics.

    Before upholstered goods are delivered, carpets unrolled and laid, or draperies rehung, our fabric care technicians can make sure that your soft goods are clean, repaired and protected from normal wear and soiling. These operations can be done in our workroom or on location depending on what is required for the job.

  • Furniture repair and restoration

    We move fragile goods, and no matter how hard we try to avoid it, there will be some damages. With that in mind, we staff a first rate repair and restoration shop with some of the finest technicians in Atlanta. We make that shop available to our customers for the repair of damage by others or for general restoration of your goods. If we do not have space in our schedule, or feel that another technician we know would be a better fit for your project, we will tell you.

  • Debris, trash and discarded item removal

    While we always remove our own trash and dicarded packing material, on a large project with multiple vendors providing services, others may not be so conscientious. Our crews are available to remove trash, debris and other unwanted items from your job site.

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